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7c News an online news outlet, designed to deliver global news updates around the clock keeping you updated with the most recent happenings in the world.

A brief history of The 7c News.

In June 2016, India’s global news portal, 7c News, was launched from Delhi. Today, It has come a long way since its inception and has already established itself within the competitive environment of Indian media as a daily to reckon with. Designed to deliver quality content around the clock and around the globe, Peak Hour News is operated by the team of professional media experts.

7c News – A Perspective

The news is news plus views: We always keep this in mind and cater to not just the why, how, what, when and where of news but we also analyze why something in the news is more than just an incident. We show you what is happening, and the reasons behind it.

Ever aware of the need to provide the best available information, it is our constant endeavor to enhance editorial content and presentation and to provide the best analyses to our discerning readers.

We also provide a platform for readers to send their letters to the Editor, and to voice their grievances while dealing with companies, government organizations and so on.

Editorial content:

As a web news portal, The 7c News stands for news. Ever since its inception, it has set new standards in unbiased and fearless reporting. The thrust of the news portal is as much local as national and international.

Being a web portal, The 7c News keeps its eyes and ears open to all that is happening in the country today, be it in the power corridors of Delhi or in a border village in Kashmir. International news is another of its strong points.

In addition, The 7c News has supplements on movies, fashion, and lifestyle, education, information and technology, health, and books. It is the most comprehensive web news portal in the Indian market, not just for the entire family, but also for the entrepreneur, the young executive, and the established CEO. The Editorial Team – what’s in a name? While what you read is essential to make you the kind of person you are, who you read is even more so for the kind of perspective you develop.

Disclaimer:  7c News will not be held responsible for any false news/information which is hyperlinked or has a source attached to it. Thanks !!

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